Friday, 17 February 2012

Super Mario 64 DS

I am a winner - I got Mario for Valentine's Day! :D

This game is great. Nintendo have made several changes from the original on N64 (which I never got a chance to complete as a child) including playing as Yoshi from the beginning and some new stars to collect. Only had a change to nab 19 of these fuckers so far, so will shed more light on my progress later, perhaps.

Most of all, I love that I'm still using my DS Lite after all these years. I think the 3DS is the crappest idea Nintendo have ever come up with, and I appreciate that it's priced reasonably low. As a company, I'm sure there is a fair amount of panic going on with the rising popularity of smartphones, and consumers downloading games for their smartphone. Companies have started making fortunes making games that sell for as little as £0.79. On my iPad right now, I'm playing Kingdom Rush - an absolutely wicked tower defence game. It was less that a pound. Not even £1! A bus ride costs more.

I predict that Nintendo can't keep up this farcical strategy of handheld gimmicks for too much longer. The days of the Game Boy have surely started to fade away already. And with their new WiiU project looking equally daft, their presence in the home looks... unpredictable. I'm looking out for the new console, but I'm nervous. I will miss Link, Mario and the rest of the Smash Bros, but might have to let them go if it means buying all that hardware - when my phone and tablet do so much gaming for so much less.