Thursday, 9 February 2012

New AdWords Help Center

This is the latest I have ever been in the office, and it's a quiet place.

I've decided that while I consider the tuna and sweetcorn sandwich next to me, I'd better make today's contribution to this blog. Today I've picked out nothing to share with the world, so thought I'd pull together something simple.

Did you know: Most of the problems you might be experiencing with AdWords (or anything else for that matter), chances are someone else has run into it and has posted something about it on the internet. Honestly, the amount of knowledge hidden somewhere in the webosphere is incredibly close to 100% of all human knowledge. Most of the time, the trick is just knowing where to look, or where to ask.

The AdWords Help Center was just revamped. It now has more easily accessible pages, more explanation of complex problems and navigation is more streamlined. And if not here, there are also frequent posts on Google blogs. Here is a list of challenging questions that really can't be explained in a clearer way:

Linking Analytics to your AdWords account
Segmenting your data, to show specifically what you are looking for
Just about everything on Quality Score
Remarketing: How to do it for beginners and advanced