Monday, 20 February 2012

Glee and Muppets

Saturday night, me and the lady are heading back from a late matinee showing of The Muppets. The film was pretty darn hilarious, taking me by surprise. Taking me even more by surprise was the fact that I didn't enjoy Jason Segel's performance. He was not able to interact with the muppets in a realistic way, and seemed to be aware that he was talking to a hand the whole time. I think these movies call for much more cartoony performances.

Anyway, while strolling down Lower George's Street, quoting the funnies and having the lols, we stumbled upon a simple poster for The Glee Experience. "Why the hell not?" said the little voice in my head.

The show was fun, energetic and a good chance to watch Glee without actually having to watch Glee. There is no way I can commit hours of my life to a teenage soap opera about jocks and geeks and all that farce, but the songs themselves I have enjoyed, and seeing them performed by such talented kids was great fun. Check them out around Dublin over the next couple of months - it's well worth your €15. Ticketmaster is currently showing no dates, but they have some booked in that they plugged at the show, so I would watch this space.