Monday, 6 February 2012

Get to draw some pie charts tonight

I have had such a long day. That stuff about this being a popular sick day - I can see why. First Monday of Feb sucks. I've got enough work to last me all week and I didn't get as much as I wanted to done today. I'll be planning a holiday tonight, and doing my money stuff, which I forgot about over the weekend.

I like to take a good half hour tallying the week's spend into a personal budget file to keep track of how much is going out and where. PocketMoney is a dream iPad app for this. I've used this and the iPhone version, both of which can be kept in sync. Managing my money on a tablet keeps it to hand, simple to use and understand. This program, or at least personal finance apps similar to it, are platform sellers as much as social networking, ebook readers and photo apps are. It crushes desktop money management.