Saturday, 23 February 2013


At my day job, CPA means cost-per-acquisition bidding. But last night it meant nothing else but Chrome Packaged Apps.

I'm making a fresh start and giving it another go. Previous attempt ta app development stopped right after Hello World, but inspired by the Kendo video here, I've got fresh blood in my veins.

The idea is a simple reminder app. You see, at work we sometimes have need to consult a particular product expert, of which there are many, and depending on the area of expertise, they would hold office hourse at a specific time, day and place. This can become an awful lot to remember for most customer service reps. You soon realise you can't possible remember all office hours times and places, not to mention keeping tabs on when they change. This ends with tediously looking up online resources each time an issue comes your way you can't troubleshoot. Worse yet, sometimes you may forgo office hours, and send an email consult. I know... bad times. Office hours are way better than sending emails - the problem can be resolved there and then, instead of the ~24hr turnaround time for an email reply (in most issues).

We can't have that system. As soon as we know a situation is beyond our knowledge and immediate resources, we need the computer to take this off our hands, and tell us when the right expert is available and where. If necessary, a calendar entry should be easily entered based on this. That's the plan.