Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Boring Life with Tasker

Urgh, biggest waste of €4.49 and possibly the most impulsive app I ever bought. I spent a few solid hours applying to automation to my phone with this app that fans consistently herald as the way to unlock the true power on Android. Probably true, but less than amazing in actual reality. Although it's great I can automate my phone to turn of stuff, and launch stuff and whatever, it's really down to a bunch of stuff I should really be expecting from the phone anyway. One popular use is to launch Google Music when the headphones are plugged in. Cool, but why not do it anyway. I guess part of the issue is the huge list of possible customisation for your automation. Or, maybe my phone just needs to get smarter on it's own. Seriously, I wasted time with this app, and highly doubt it's saving me enough frustration to warrant it.