Monday, 27 May 2013

HTC vs. Samsung

It feels like this battle may be coming to an end. With executives and engineers alike fleeing HTC, the One not meeting expectations, and the First also selling less that desirable, I'm sad to say a competent and respectable OEM may be on the way out of the mobile handset market.

As the owner of a Galaxy S3, I blame myself. At the time I was new to Android, and the marketing was all too much to bare. But as a tech enthusiast, I should have researched further, and harder. I wish I could say now that I had stood behind a great hardware manufacturer, instead of living in a Touchwiz world of plastic.

I'd like to get a conversation going about HTC, and whether they will be missed? I think I will. It's a great company for Android to have on it's team, for all those Apple fanboys who claim no-one makes hardware like the iPhone. While it may be true, HTC came pretty darn close, and a lot closer than Samsung ever have, and I believe ever will. Or am I calling this in too soon? Is there room for success yet?