Friday, 16 November 2012

Day 5: Shit work

Day 5 has been a tough one. I started out the morning crafting a new site template. Something a big different i.e. not simple and clean, but loud and outrageous. I decided to build a site for a fictional band, named aptly after my high-school attempt at a music career, Tru Story.

I'm not ready to upload this to the actual Internet yet, so you'll have to satisfy yourself with this drab screenshot. Even though its my work, I find it tasteless and clunky. I'm ashamed, but I'm not disheartened. Had I understood positioning in a more complete way, I'd have banged this out in an hour or so. But going back and correctly myself meant most of my day was spent trial-and-erroring multiple different combinations of absolutes, relatives and fixed. I didn't even spend 10 minutes honing the color scheme, so I've forgiven myself for that. I'm going to call this what it is and move on - a practice session. Perhaps not ready to be portfolio-ed, but something to work with.