Monday, 30 January 2012

Temple Bar Gallery and Studios

Visited the Temple Bar Gallery over the weekend - a mistake. Liam O’Callaghan, an artist who says he set out to make music, has gone and lined up a bunch of old speakers, record players and amplifiers, to make some noise come out at the same tempo. Hoorah. As for how it looks - well I suppose it was lined up all pretty and straight. Its lit by two huge spotlights, the rest of the room being clouded in what sunlight can make it through the full wall tinted glass. The muffled hustle of the tourists just on the other side of the planes makes the room feel isolated and peaceful. I liked being there, as briefly as I could be persuaded to stay. It made me want to listen to some good music. Unfortunately, O'Callaghan makes no effort to make his display sound creative and rhythmic, like those performers that bang garbage around or like the street drummers that you might find on Henry Street. This exhibition is unfortunately boring, and not as entertaining as the multitude of amateur artists that can be found performing in the D2 area all day and night.